awkward-puking-unicorn a dit: Hello! I hope someone still comes around here and will see this message. What happened to 40cents? Why did you let it die? Was there no one to keep working on that blog in the whole team?


Actually, there’s no team. There’s just me.
As I traveled and settle-in in a new country, I had had to stop 40cents for a while and sadly I’ve never put myself into it again.

Pauline Rosen, Sid Lee Toronto

Pauline’s background includes experiences such as executive at Publicis Singapore and strategist at Sid Lee Canada. From this landscape of skills, she has known the challenge to shift from the account team to the strategists team. The difference between to be obviously involved in a project all long and to have to prove that you bring value to a project which, doesn’t need you to be done.

Now, Pauline is strategist in Sid Lee Toronto office, one of the most multipurpose network in the world, enjoying a work basically paid to learn and get a point of view!
Here-below, her inspiring thoughts and tips.

Pauline Rosen, Sid Lee from 40centimes on Vimeo.

Isabelle Chrun, Sid Lee Montréal

In addition to having been brought up in Montréal, a city defined as a thriving multicultural hub, Isabelle has spent multiple semesters abroad in Guangzhou (2005), Tianjin (2007) and Hong Kong (2011) in China. Now strategist at SID LEE Montréal, she leads strategic and tactical planning exercises to engage customers across all touchpoints.

Isabelle also gave a TED talk where she expressed her point of view on social media.

Isabelle Chrun, Sid Lee Montréal from 40centimes on Vimeo.

What if we were the bullshit generation?

Attention, plus les gens seront informés des moyens de filtrer l’information, plus le bullshit sera diffusé de manière grossière. Penser votre contenu, c’est penser votre cible. 

Soyons clair, le bullshit n’est pas fini avec le digital. Mais les gens sont de plus en plus “formés” à éviter la grossièreté de nos messages. Deux solutions possibles s’offrent à nous : trouver des astuces vicieuses pour mieux les bombarder un peu plus. Ou respecter les audiences et leurs routines de consommation d’informations.

Via Umarg

Andréa Fortin, Taxi Montréal

De la direction artistique au planning stratégique, il n’y a eu qu’un pas. Après seulement deux ans à Nurun, le poste de directrice du planning et quelques campagnes remarquées (notamment pour BFGoodrich) en poche, Andréa Fortin a rejoint les équipes de Taxi Montréal en tant que connection planner.

En collaboration assidue avec les équipes de création et du service-conseil de TAXI Canada, elle bâtit et entretient les relations à long terme entre les marques et les consommateurs, sans discontinuité dans le temps. 
Mais bref, le connection planning ça s’explique mieux avec le sourire et quelques gestes d’entrain :

Andréa Fortin, Taxi Montréal from 40centimes on Vimeo.